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TrimLeft doesn't like the word "Egg" ?!?!

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Ok, this is a bit of as strange query. I am filtering a dataset of various foods that have been eaten at various times of the day. I end up with a list of strings in the form of "Morning-Vegetables", "Afternoon-Vegetables", "Evening-Vegetables" etc.. A formula I am using needs to trim the time of day before the foodtype, so I have 3 formulas which use the functions TrimLeft(String, "Morning-"), TrimLeft(String, "Afternoon-"), TrimLeft(String, "Evening-").


Everything works fine for various types of food and various times of day. Except for "Evening-Egg". I have attached a small sample showing what happens. I have changed "Egg" to "Eggs" to illustrate the point a bit more clearly.


If I do Trimleft(String, "Afternoon-") on "Afternoon-Eggs" = "Eggs"

If I do Trimleft(String, "Evening-") on "Evening-Eggs" = "s"   ?????

If I do Trimleft(String, "Evening") on "Evening-Eggs" = "-Eggs"


I am using Alteryx 10.06.28907.


Like I said, TrimLeft works fine with Coffee, Beer, Fish, Meat, I just seems to have a problem with "Egg" preceded by the word "Evening-".



I know this seems like the request of a crazy person, but is anyone else getting this? The last value of the second column of the attached reads "s" for me, whereas I am expecting "Eggs".


If I am doing something really silly, then sorry!



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The Trim functions, take in two arguments, the string to trim, and a list of character to replace. The Trim functions do not work like a Replace function (where the sequence of characters is respected), the list of characters can be in any order, and they will be trimmed.


for example,


is the exact same thing as



Another function to consider is Regex_Replace, then in the pattern, we can specify that the sequence of character to replace have to be at the beginning of the string (with the ^ character), and this will work similar to the replace function.


For example:




I think are closer to what you are looking for.


Another tool to consider is Text-to-Columns, to split the string on the dash "-" character.


Take a look at the attached workflow with these additions.


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Many Thanks Joe!


I hadn't realized that Trim worked in that way. Regex_Replace does seem to be the way forward.


Thanks for helping me with this!