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Tableau API Using Alteryx

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As I had a lot of fun creating a workflow to manage out Tableau Server, I thought I'd share it here.


The problem my company had was that we have to change data source passwords, so to do this, I needed to:

  1. Generate a Personal Access Token (in Tableau Server)
  2. Use that to find out the site_id and generate the X-Tableau-Auth
  3. Use that to get the datasource_ids
  4. Use that to get the connection_ids
  5. And finally use that to update the passwords using a PUT request.

Hopefully the workflow makes sense - just need to add your details in the text input tool and press play.



The first two tools clean the [newpassword] which I was having problems with, but might not be needed

There's also a little bit to change the Datasource owner - you just need to add in the "NEWid" into tool 69


Thanks for sharing @NikBarter! There are a ton of things that you can do with the Tableau API and many Alteryx customers are using it for everything from Tableau Server administration all the way to extracting screenshots from workbooks. 

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Thank you for sharing this @NikBarter ! I am interested in using and modifying this workflow. Will definitely use it to generate the personal access tokens! One thing I am looking into is using a modification of this to add 'Tags' to the Tableau Data Sources. I think possibly using a combination of this flow and possibly the Download Tool would make this possible. Any experience with this or pointers would be greatly appreciated. Again thank you for sharing this

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Unfortunately I don't have Tableau Server access now, but hopefully you should be able to use it as a framework. I think I did the difficult part!