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Run workflow when file in directory is updated

7 - Meteor

Hello all- 


I am using the Server to schedule a workflow to run on a recurring basis (every 2-4 hours). I am wanting to determine if there is a way to adjust my workflow setup so that it will run in the server once the files time stamp changes. I have an auto drop coming from our financial system, and I want to make it so the workflow sees the new drop and then initiates the workflow. The auto drop from our system just replaces the old file, opposed to dropping a new file. 

19 - Altair
19 - Altair

Hi @swoodling 


There's currently no way to launch a workflow based on a file event, i.e. added, modified, etc., using only Alteryx functionality.  Neither Alteryx Designer nor Server has the mechanisms to set up a listener on a drive and react to changes.  I've heard of other solutions that have a 3rd party tool, Python watchdog, or a .Net listener service that  monitors and reacts to file system changes.  When an event happens, the app calls the Gallery API to queue the workflow using POST /v1/workflows/{appId}/jobs . 



11 - Bolide

I answered a similar post here:


My responses from that thread are copied below:


I found this post that may help you get to this frequency.  Basically, you'd have an iterative macro that's iterating every 5 secs to do the file check.  The calling workflow would be always running to allow the file check to continuously occur.


You could provide the number of iterations for 1 minute (60 secs / 5 secs = 12 iterations), then schedule it to run every minute on the server.  So you'll wind up with continuous checking over many individual workflow executions.