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Render Tool - Multiple Excel Tabs with Different Widths

7 - Meteor



Mostly posting for visibility (as this has been addressed but not resolved in this post: I'd like to render several tabs to an Excel file using the reporting tools. I can put each of the tables on a separate tab using the 'Each Group of Records' + 'Group By' + 'Vertical with Section Breaks' + 'Section Name' options in the Layout Tool, but when I go to write the file using the Render Tool, the narrower table is stretched to the full width (set to contain the wider table).


In the toy example below (and attached), I'm generating a pair of tables (one narrow and one wide) for each of 10 records. Ideally, the end output would be 10 files (one for each record) with two tabs each: a tab containing the narrow data (set to an appropriate width) and another containing the wider data (wider width).


7 - Meteor

Any luck with getting this solved? I am having the same problem, and it seems like a ridiculous limitation, especially since you can choose the width in the table tool, it just gets overridden by the render tool.