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Render PDF Report with multiple tables; avoid splitting tables.

5 - Atom

Hi this is my first post here, I've searched deeply for any answer to my issue, but haven't found anything that can correct it. 


I have a workflow that creates a multi-page multi-table report for multiple clients. At the end of the workflow I render the layout report as a pdf. Based on the client, certain tables can be longer or shorter. I noticed that some PDFs split the tables onto another page. All the tables are small enough to fit onto one page or multiple tables can fit onto one page, etc. Ideally I would like to be able to push the 'split' table onto the next page if it doesn't fit on that page. 


I have thought about manually grouping the first 3 records together with a layout and the later 2 with a layout, then joining them and adding a section break between the two new layouts. However, I am not a fan of this because:

  1. Its pretty contrived and if the first 2 Tables happen to be shorter, Table 3 could fit into the first page. Otherwise there would be unnecessary white space.
  2. I can't put a border around the whole report, which looks nice. (This is less important)


I attached a sample workflow that shows my issue. I use the Alteryx logo for the image. 

8 - Asteroid

Unless someone needs to print the report out, I'd be tempted to just change the paper size to legal 🤣

7 - Meteor

this was the right answer for my case, thank you!