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Rename Header- Add existing header and file name

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I need to create a new header from existing WF, current header is current_month & previous_month from two different month files,  but need to add file name to this headers so that respective month name will come. below is the input and output format


Attached the file, please help


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Here is an answer of your request, tell me if its ok 😉 



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Hi Ismail,


Thank you for quick response.


It is almost there, I am getting month from the file name so I use the output as file name and do a text to column. I will have two files and will read the file name as month name and then add this to the existing header. Current time wont work because we are running the file same time. I hope I made it clear.

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15 - Aurora

Hi @Raj_2 


Might this work?



Here I've read in both files (reading in the file name), and unioned the info together. Text to columns isolates the month from the file name. A DateTimeParse will extract a date field that can be used in a sort, to get the order in as previous then current. A Multi row formula tool creates the headers to be used in the following Crosstab tool. Finally, Select to put everything in order.

You'll likely need to adjust the Text to Columns, DateTimeParse, and potentially the Multi Row formula tools to 

Please let me know if this works for you.