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RegEx Date Parse with multiple patterns

7 - Meteor

We have a lot of manual processes around parsing dates out of data when multiple sources use different formatting and sometimes no dates at all. It also complicates matters because some of the data includes numeric values that have nothing to do with dates.

Below is a small sample of data and Period is the desired outcome of the parse. I've attached a larger sample set as well. 

FYI we're on Designer 2020.3 so please post configurations in lieu of workflows.


StringText Period desired
CCR1083AB0BBD194E529EA1 Null
Reclass to OCI 0523 5/1/2023
CCR19126C641BF141ACB98A Null
IC ACCRUAL CO 1222 12/1/2022
ReclassOCI0323 3/1/2023
1122MotelsTranspReclass 11/1/2022
FSCPreclassOCI1022Motels 10/1/2022
MotelsReclass1122 11/1/2022
1392390 Null
1409492 Null
08/22 LMI LONG SCHEDULED 8/1/2022
09/22 LMI TRANSPORT SCHED 9/1/2022
14 - Magnetar

@182129 in my opinion, this approach will be the best. You basically supply a list of all the incoming date types:

Screenshot 2023-06-26 200712.png












Add to the formula tool. Whatever date formats it's coming in as - see this link for the date time specifiers: 

Rest of the workflow will do the 'RegEx' part:

Screenshot 2023-06-26 201107.png

7 - Meteor

That actually works, although it seems counterintuitive to have to keep increasing the dates in perpetuity. I did add more dates as we have to actually go back through 2020 and used today() for an end date.

It also helped dramatically for me to be able to set up additional potential date formats, as that was just a sample of the much larger data. THANK YOU