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Re: Convert a Workflow into an App

8 - Asteroid

Another point of confusion from a first-time app builder:

When I add an interface tool to a workflow, what happens to the data? As a workflow, I can see the result with a Browse tool. But as an app, nothing new seems to result from the flow. I have not seen anything in any of the demos or posts about this.

11 - Bolide

I'm a little confused by your question.


The interface tools will work just like they do for a macro, so you can experiment by building a macro with various interface tools to change the text in a Text Input tool and pipe the result through a macro output tool.  Add your macro to a new workflow and then browse on the output of it.  You can then see how things like the dropdown list and checkbox tools pass data.


If you're trying to see the results of your App's browse nodes: With the app open for editing, on the menu bar click View >> Interface Designer >> (the wrench icon) >> and then check the boxes next to the browse tools you would like your app to present once it runs.

8 - Asteroid

Thanks, David. This is what I was looking for.