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Python tool in combination with CReW list runner

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Hi All,


I use the CReW list runner to run a number of Alteryx workflows every day. Some of these workflows contain the python tool, which has started giving errors since we upgraded to Alteryx 2019.2. If the Alteryx flow contains a python tool and is run through the list runner, I get the error "Internal Error: Unknown InitVar "IsDebugAnalyticApp". If I just run the workflow directly, everything works fine. Does anyone recognize this error? If yes, do you know how to resolve it?



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Any workaround on this, we were stuck in the prod release due to this bug.

Moment we use crew macro it fails, individually it runs.


I think we need a priority fix. Please check and let us know.

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Not a good workaround but I was able to have my main workflow that contains all my python code and use a "block until end" to order what needs to run first. So I remove python code from my subworkflow.


It worked for me but I agree with you and would like to see a fix!



2020-07-16 python and list runner.png

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Hi, something new?

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@juandiegocuervo  I think the bug is still not fixed. So workaround is the only option.

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Hi @MichaelAd, do you have any updates on this? 


All the best,


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+ 1 for a fix on this.  I use python a lot.  I use Crew runners a lot.  We need peanut butter and jelly!

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Does anybody know if this issue has been solved? I'm facing the same problem!

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It has not been solved. 

One good workaround is to use a run command tool to call a .py file, or the event tab to do the same.