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Python Batch Macro - Converting Excel to a PDF

7 - Meteor

Hello all!


I've been working with the Python batch macro to fill out a tax form (converting Excel to a PDF). I was able to get the workflow to run and produce a PDF file named f1042s_Test. However, once clicking on the PDF file there is no data being shown. I thought it had something to do with my Python script but when I run the same workflow on my Admin version of Alteryx it populates the data into the PDF.


Any ideas on how to fix this? I attached my workflow, excel file, and fillable PDF for reference.


Thank you!

12 - Quasar

Hi @taylormgruendel 


I downloaded your attachments, ran the workflow and it generated a new PDF filled with data (attached), I did not see any problem.


Now the description of your issue is confusing, you generated the PDF but with no data, in my case I got the PDF with all the fields filled, BTW, most of the fields are zeroes. I guess Uncle Sam will not be happy.




9 - Comet

Hi @taylormgruendel . Can you please try open the final pdf with another reader, e.g. your browser (right click, open with, Google Chrome). I suspect the data will magically appear. I believe it is an Adobe 'bug' which doesn't seem to allow you to write to certain forms from non-adobe applications (which may be why admin works but non-admin doesn't). This is not at all consistent though as I can successfully write to custom pdfs using a similar approach you are using. This is not quite a solution but I will let you know if I discover one.

7 - Meteor

Hi @ArnaldoSandoval,


Yeah, I'm not sure why the PDF file is being generated, but none of the fields are getting filled out.


$0 would be quite unfortunate for Uncle Sam lol

7 - Meteor

Hi @ChrisWaspe,


Thanks for the solution! I will try it out, and keep you posted.

5 - Atom

I also work with 1042 files.  I am trying to use an Excel file to generate a pdf version of the W-8 form for our legal entities.  We use Thomson Reuters software to generate the 1042s forms.  I am going to look at your files and see if there is anything we can duplicate for our planned workflow.  Please let me know if you have any advice for us.