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Pushing data from excel to workday 'Adaptive" using Alteryx

7 - Meteor

Hello all,

I am pretty new to Alteryx, and has been working on designing for the past week or so.

So my ultimate goal is to basically combine all individual template (in excel) into 1 file, and have this automatically add to workday "adaptive" operating expense planning sheet page using "Planning" function in excel.


By doing this, I don't basically have to manually move individual lines into adaptive, instead, it will create splits for me, and add new lines for me related to the above projects.


I was just wondering if this is possible..


I was able to create a workflow that combines all project template into 1 excel file, but not sure where to start when it comes to making a push to adaptive.


Thank you.


@abae , this community post has some great resources on how to use Alteryx with Workday Adaptive. 

7 - Meteor

Thank you very much! :)