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Problem : Input tool has limited varieties of code pages.

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I'm trying to input data via a specific code which reads in my language properly.

But it seems that the input tool provides only a specific variety of code pages.



The code converting related functions provide much more various codes, but why does the input tool provide only the listed above?? (code list :


Is there a way to input data via codes not listed in the capture above?

Inputting all data in wrong code(which I "have to" choose from the list above), and converting all the data via a formula tool is very time consuming and ineffective.




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It seems to be possible using the Interface tools (such as Text box, drop down etc.) to specify a code page present in and not in Alteryx Designer. I have tested reading from and writing to a code page not normally listed by Designer and it was a success, though it would be very nice if all the encoding options were listed in Designer. With analytic apps, you would need to run the workflow from app interface to successfully read all the characters properly with specified code page. Attached is an example workflow I built with dropdown encoding list, it only includes standard code pages. You can modify it to add the desired code page.

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Thank you, it worked perfectly.

Guess I'll have to build a simple macro or so.

There are some difficulties using minor languages, hope Alteryx keeps on updating.

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The workflow attached also contains (probably) all encoding options supported by Alteryx Designer, sorted both by system and by language. It can be used to input/output files with code pages that are not listed as an option in the Input/Output tools.


The ideal solution to this in my opinion would be if an optionally extended encoding list was provided in the Designer.