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Predictive Tools R Output to file

7 - Meteor

I was curious if there is a way to output the data from the predictive analytics tools to a file? Right now I have it going to the browse tool, which allows me to examine the data but not save it. I noticed that if I save it to a .txt file it is formatted in html, and so I can then save it as a .html file and open, which works, but when I save it as an .htm or.html file it does not translate. Does anyone know a format into which I can save these outputs? Thanks!

15 - Aurora

Hi @m1ngle74,



There are (at least) two outputs from any modelling tool, and you can save them each as their own .yxdb file.  You should then be able to open either one and send it straight into a browse tool without issue.  You could also send the O one into a scoring tool to assess it (say, against a model generated by some other process).


Anyway, so .yxdb is the format you want.


Hope that helps!

 - John

8 - Asteroid

The Render tool is what you are looking for.



7 - Meteor

Thanks Steven! A great help

7 - Meteor

Thanks John - really appreciate the help!