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Postgres Bulk Load - tmp data file location on a server

9 - Comet

I would like to switch from loading data into Postgres to bulk load. Unfortunately, I must first provide information on how and where on the server the data goes.

I know that files and COPY are used but specifically where on the postgres server do the files go and are they for sure deleted after loading?

I have searched the documentation as well as the community and nowhere is there a word about this.

Does anyone of you perhaps have this information?

9 - Comet

I installed Postgresql locally and found an answare in a log.
In fact, no temporary file is created, because there is used STDIN as an input.

So COPY is done by calling:

COPY "public"."bulkload" from STDIN (DELIMITER ',', FORMAT csv, QUOTE '"', NULL '', ENCODING 'UTF8');


That is an information I wanted to find.