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Please help with Fuzzy Match.. Thank you.

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Hi Alteryx Guru, 


I am pretty new to Alteryx....  


I am trying to do fuzzy match by the names. See below, I want to look the similarity between the column A and Column B. Could someone teach me how to set up the fuzzy match in Alteryx?  I am very confused by the parameters..please see below example that I used... not making sense... 


I need the match happen between the two values on the same row, and as output, it could give me a match score. For example, on the row 2, Harris Corporation and EVI INC should return a "0" Score. Also, the output should include both Column A and B, plus the score... 


Any help is very much appreciated! THANK YOU.. 






Question 3.JPGQuestion 4.JPG








Hi @florayaoyao


I have attached a workflow which walks through the 'Merge' principle of Fuzzy Matching. As you want to compare two different fields (e.g. two different sources) you will need to use two input tools, both will reference the same input file below, however in the first input tool you can just select the D&B Business Legal Name and in the second input tool you can use a select tool to choose the 'Aegis Orig Name' field. 


You can then follow the sample workflow below to compare the two field against one another. 






Jordan Barker

Solutions Consultant

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Hi Jordan, 


This is Super!!  Thank you very much! Appreciate your help~~  :) 



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It was a very helpful workflow. I was looking for the similar kind of a problem and your article helped me a lot. Thank you @florayaoyao 🙂