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Performance issues while reading data from Snowflake into Alteryx designer

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We are facing performance issues while reading data in Alteryx designer from one of the Snowflake database objects using ‘Input’ as well as ‘In-Db Data Input’ tools.


We are seeing that when we run the workflow, the query finishes within 5 seconds on Snowflake end (when checked the query log on snowflake). But the Alteryx input tool keeps showing ‘running’ state and takes more than 3 hours to fetch the same data.


The number of rows pulled are about 4M. 


Has anyone faced this issue?


Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team



What version of Alteryx are you running?


Have you tried running less data through to see if that changes the length of time to input the data?


What driver are you using? It may be the driver if you are not using one of the recommended drivers and or if you are using a 32bit driver. This is more than likely the issue.


What data types are you passing into the tool?


Is your machine meeting the minimum requirements to use Alteryx. Alteryx is a memory intensive software. If the machine lacks the memory needed it will be slow to load.

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I am experiencing the same exact issue.  Running Version 2021.3.4.00445.  Using both this driver and the Simba Driver (64bit).  I have plenty of RAM available on the server.  From what I can tell, the issue revolves around the number of records being output (even if you selected very few columns and the total size of the data is small).


My most recent experience is a query that takes 35 seconds to run in Snowflake takes 1:36 hours to output into a Browse within Alteryx.  I am only trying to retrieve 405 MB of data.  Something seems very off.

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The solution to this problem is to ensure your data types are set to the appropriate length.  It makes a huge difference.



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Hi jeremy_kane.  I was wondering how much of an improvement you saw by implementing the fix?  I've implemented it, set the default_varchar_size to 3000, but I'm not seeing an improvement.