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Pass today's date to Google Analytics custom date parameter automatically.

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I've done a ton of digging on the community boards but I can't seem to figure out how to tell Alteryx to update the "end date" field to "today's date" in the GA connector automatically.


I did find this article, but it either doesn't answer this specific question or I'm completely dense. I don't know how to configure the date interface tool to always pass today's date, or how to make it pass any date, really since my tests haven't worked.


The end goal is to create a flow that I can schedule to run daily and grab the most recent information from GA without having to come in and update the dates manually in any way.


I appreciate any help!


I need to have this field update to today's date automatically with every run.I need to have this field update to today's date automatically with every run.

 GA Macro Attempt.JPG

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End date does not allow to change - To work around we build a system to get data for yesterday , save it to DB and pass to other systems after aggregation. 


The Date panel allow to pick date from the dropdown. Please note GA data most of the times lag by a day we use "Yesterday" - click and save  and  When you reopen it will show the date that you saved but the process runs correctly picking yesterday date


6 - Meteoroid

Ah! I didn't realize it would pull "yesterday" correctly despite displaying the "original" date. I'll give that a try!