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Onedrive connector reading values incorrectly AND reading data from older versions

10 - Fireball

I have onedrive connected to an excel spreadsheet. For some reason it is not reading the Dates correctly. Sometimes it's the entire date and sometimes it's just the year.They are formatted as dates in excel. (see screenshots). 







Another thing I noticed: This tab in the spreadsheet used to have orders going back as far as 2020, but several weeks ago I separated everything before 2022 into a new tab and this tab only has data from 2023 forward now. The workflow is somehow showing all the data from before 2022 when reading from the sheet that only has data from 2022 forward in it when working with it in Excel.


Here's what's weird. If I save a local copy(not synced) to my PC and use the standard input connector none of these issues occur.


Any ideas?




12 - Quasar

@csh8428 Do you absolutely have to use the OneDrive connector? If you're getting good data using the Input Data tool, can you then use it and map to the file on OneDrive?

10 - Fireball

I figured it out. 

There was a hidden sheet with the same name as the non-hidden sheet. Alteryx was pulling data from the hidden sheet.

So, I deleted the hidden sheet. After that I got this error message: "local variable 'no_of_records' referenced before assignment".

Things I tried to fix it, but didn't work: Copying and renaming the sheet.


What did work was creating a blank sheet with a compltely different name, copying and pasting the data from the other sheet into the new sheet.

12 - Quasar

@csh8428 Interesting. Glad you got it figured out.