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Min & Max Date

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Hi All,


I want to fetch the data between min and max dates as per user input date. some Days i want to include data from additional days. Please suggest me how to implement based on user selection. if i want add few more days how do build it. Any suggestion please.


Thanks In Advance,


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@Pilsner sure, I will check and update 

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@Pilsner we need to assign min and max numbers to today's date, then we need to filter data from book1.

We need to fetch data 2023-06-31 to 2023-08-02 matching records from excel 


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@NiranjanK1  Thank you for the clarification. I believe this should be of more help now. When you open it as an app it will now use the max/min values to find a "start" / "end" date which creates the range to filter by. By appending these values to the dataset we can then filter for dates from the dataset within the range of the start/end date. 


You may want a select tool after the filter tool to drop some of the fields used for the calculation, it's up to you if you keep them or not.


When you input the max/min values they are taken as the number of days. This can simply be changed if needed to months ect. by going into the formula tool and changing the word "days" to "months".


Does this help?



Screenshot 2023-07-31 121312.png


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@Pilsner Filter tool is not working, I got the null data, can we implement if condition if date range matches Y or N. Then we can filter the data

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@NiranjanK1 The filter tool was working for me, you may need to double check all the dates are indeed stored as data values. If not your Idea could definitely work. By putting a formula tool after the Append tool, create a collum called "Check" and use the code:


If [Date] >= [Start date] AND
[Date] <= [End Date]
Then "Y"
Else "N"


Then make the filter a basic filter to test if:


[Check] = "Y"


This will also only work if the dates are stored as dates and not string values. Hope this helps