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Macro not getting passed iteration 11

7 - Meteor

Dear all,


Am running  an iterative macro that seems to get lost in iteration 11... the number of records remains 4 658 376 and the first iterations run smoothly, but they do slow down..... iteration 11 seems to run forever...


Any ideas how to solve this? or is it a matter of copy-pasting 13 times the macro workflow in my main workflow?


Thanks and kind regards

13 - Pulsar

Hey @jvanderpol


This is pretty unanswerable without seeing the actual workflow I'd say. 

Try to run the Iteration 11 as a regular Workflow with the input data it would get. There you can investigate it directly and prob. see where the problem might accure. 

7 - Meteor

Was afraid of it being unable to answer without the workflow (which i do not wish to share, sorry)... 


Not sure I understand what you mean with running iteration 11 as a regular workflow...  is that copying the macro workflow 12 times in the main one?


Thanks, do appreciate it!

17 - Castor

@jvanderpol , May be the 11th iteration is entering infinite loop, I would suggest to debug the macro with the data in 11th iteration and check where it is executing for a long time. If the workflow works fine in 11th Iteration individually then the problem is definitely with the performance of workflow and you need to optimize it.

Sapna Gupta