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Lost Information in Translation

8 - Asteroid


I tried to search for this within the forums and on Google but have not stumbled upon any proper results.


I am not sure what the issue means but Alteryx keeps giving me warnings about my data being "Lost Info in Translation" (see attached)


I have tried to check the specific client ID (i.e 35102) but there are no trailing or leading blank spaces. Just as a check I have also checked the whole columns has numbers / no text etc- so I am not sure why it keeps giving me this error. No data is lost but I am curious to find out what the error means and how to resolve it should it be an issue in the future.


This seems to be happening in the select tool, when I am trying to make client ID a double as within the excel file it is a text.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks 

8 - Asteroid

Hi Karlo,


Based on the message in Capture2 it looks Alteryx is definitely picking up on white space after your client ID values in Excel.  Notice the amount of space in the message between the value and the "lost information..." message.  I tested this by saving an Excel file with 35102 in the first cell and adding a space after.  I brought this in with an input tool to see the message.  Then try adding more white space after the value and notice how the conversion error message changes when you run the input on the newly save file with more spaces.  Hope this helps.

8 - Asteroid

Thanks for that. As you mentioned about the white spaces - I tried to use a cleanse tool to delete any trailing or leading spaces as a check, and voila the error is gone! To be honest when I said I check for trailing spaces I just checked within the excel spreadsheet for that specific Client ID and had no visible trailing or leading spaces - so I just assumed that was not the issue. Rule of thumb will try and use the data cleanse tool before doing anything next time.

Thanks :)

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I tried to do what you said in solution, but I still have problems regarding conversion and lost information in translation.

Could you please help me with problems in the attachment.