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Limit all input data based on a date parameter

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I have a situation where a flow has many inputs with data that has some date type fields. 
I would like to be able to input somewhere a specific date (global variable?) and based on that constraint_date adjust input queries dynamically or somehow else. 

I am struggling to come up with a clean solution. So far only idea I have is to make a macro with control parameter which could be used for each input, but then the control parameter has to be connected to each of those macros in any flow used anyway, which makes it messy and inelegant. 

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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@citronmelisa , Second option that I can think about is using Alteryx Apps and use dropdown or Date Interface tool to select the date and pass the date to all your process or workflows or macros to whatever you wish to.

Sapna Gupta
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thanks @grazitti_sapna!

Not quite what I'm looking for, as the workflows will be scheduled, I don't want to be asked the parameter every time they are run. 

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Hi @citronmelisa - You can create a 'DateParameter' Constant with your desired value on Alteryx workflow as below:


An use that 'DateParameter' Constant in any filter/formula tool in order to compare with all your inputs. The Date value can be formatted as per your need.



Hope this helps!

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13 - Pulsar

hi @citronmelisa 

If I read the ask correctly, perhaps you can try create a user-specified constant. See details in the link below:


Add a User Constant

In the Workflow tab of the Workflow - Configuration window...

  1. Select the add (+) button.
  2. Enter a Name and Value.
  3. Select the check box in the # column if the value is a number. By default, constants are strings.



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Hi, @DawnDuong!
This is the version I have currently settled on (taking that user constant into all dynamic inputs where necessary). 
However, it is not perfect, I would have liked it if it was available to use straight away in dynamic input query, instead of having to connect it into each input that will need it. 
Guessing this might be the best simple solution there is, though.

Best regards, 

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Thanks @cvalteryx. Not quite what I am looking for though, as I want to limit records that are retrieved from database, not filter them down afterwards.