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Large Excel Files combined by 2 Columns then Output to a Fixed Template

7 - Meteor

Hello Alteryx Community,

I am a new user and I have started a workflow but I am looking for any tips on how to achieve the desired result with a minimum size file output.

In brief, I have 3 Excel files (Business Plan, Mapping File and Template).

I would like to populate the Template with the monthly financial values in the Business Plan.

My initial idea was to join the Business Plan and the Mapping file by the 2 identifiers, Measure and Site, to get the columns that are used as in the Template and then populate the months columns (Jan 2020, Feb 2020 etc) of the Template.

Discussions that have helped so far are:

However, the Alteryx technique to get there with a small size file is challenging me.

The actual files contain over 20,000 rows of values so when I have joined them they are large (20+megabytes).

Any tips from seasoned users  on an efficient flow are most welcome.

Thank you


16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

Hello @Ty25,


I may be able to come up with a solution. Could you please share the dummy files you created with us?



7 - Meteor

Yes @afv2688
Please see the 3 Files Attached

7 - Meteor

This was solved later that day. Basically data cleansing and Null values were removed before the join. The business didnt need the copy & paste function to range any longer so that was not required.