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Join the same Crosswalk to Many Fields

7 - Meteor

I tried to search this but didn't find anything. 


Issue: I have 10 fields that are filled with a code. I have a crosswalk that describes that code. I want to add a description for each coded field. 

Is there an easy was to join a crosswalk to many fields without doing a separate join for each field?


Example: 10 fields each with an item code, e.g. TR1039 A crosswalk that describes the item, e.g. toy train. The same crosswalk can be used for all 10 fields. 


Field 1      Field 1_Description   Field 2........Field 10

TR1039    toy train

TY4829    small teddy bear

SG094     sunglasses black


I don't want to have to do 10 separate joins. There must be something easier to just append this crosswalk on all these coded fields, right?

14 - Magnetar

Depending on the volume of your data, you can accomplish this with a Transpose tool and a Join to your crosswalk table.  I would recommend using a recordID tool first so that you can put your data back together.  Then you can use a Union to append this description data to your transposed "Code" data, and use the Cross Tab tool to put it in the format you are looking for.


I've attached an example workflow to this post.


Hope this helps!

20 - Arcturus
20 - Arcturus

@Claje ,


I was just showing this post to a co-worker as an interesting challenge.  My approach would be identical to how you described yours.





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