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Issues with Local Scheduler

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Having issues with scheduling a workflow. I have never completed this action so may be completely off.




1 Add Workflow to Schedule

2. Select My Computer

3 Select radio button "Run the workflow from its original location on disk."

4 Radio button Once selected and Set the time. Click Ok. 


After I click Ok, I leave the Alteryx Designer open, but the flow does not output to my C drive at the time specified and I do not know if the flow even runs. Are their follow up steps? Should the program be Open/Closed? From my perspective nothing is happening at all. Any help is appreciated. 




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I use the scheduler / designer combo on a regular basis.  To view the results of scheduled workflows go into Options --> View Schedulers.  




On the "Results" tab you can see the output from your scheduled workflows that ran.  If this screen isn't populated, then you need to double check that the Alteryx Scheduler service is running.  Press the windows key and type "services" into the search bar, then find Alteryx and make sure it's "Started"



Alteryx can be closed and the scheduled workflow will still run.  I also set the service to run as my ID so it has access to network drives etc.  Network drives must be fully qualified names so instead of "S:\Excel Files.xlsx" you need to have "\\DATASERVER\Excel Files.xlsx" or whatever your network drive server is called.  


One trick I use to make sure my scheduled workflows are running is to click on the canvas of a workflow, click the Events tab and add an event to send either at start or completion of the workflow.  You'll need to some settings from your IT email team to make this work.. I think.  At a minimum you need your SMTP server address.  normally just SMTP.[whatever comes after the @ in your email address].  So or whatever.




So, that's my basic rambling knowledge of this.  Post back after you've checked this if it's not working still and I'll see if I can help.


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Thank you so much!! I did not know about the "View Schedules section" which added much further clarity to what I was working with. You were right, that my output dependencies were also abbreviated which was creating the writing error.


Awesome! Further automation! Thanks again,