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In-Database Error - The object name is too long in NFD/NFC when connected to Teradata

7 - Meteor

I get the below error message in my workflow when doing any of the following: 

  • Using the Filter Tool to peform any column based filter eg apply IS NOT NULL on a column
  • Using the Data Stream Out Tool to the standard select tool
  • Using the InDB Browse Tool


Error: Data Stream Out (57): Error SQLPrepare: [Teradata][ODBC Teradata Driver][Teradata Database] The object name is too long in NFD/NFC.

7 - Meteor

I found the cause (as I missed one of the posts), I had a TAB character straight after the SELECT statement, seemed to have resolved the issue (yay).

I am using In-DB tools with Teradata.


5 - Atom

Comments do not seem to create this error. I managed to get the error to generate by not having a [space] between my select statement and the next command. For example while using the syntax for select all: "Select*" - Error,  "Select *" - No error. The missing space appears to confuse Alteryx but not an SQL interface. In addition I placed comments before the select statement using various syntax methods, I also placed them throughout the SQL editor and the comments did not appear to change the Error message result at all.

5 - Atom



I had the same error. Try avoiding shortforms for select (sel) ,delete (del) ,etc.

It worked for me .



5 - Atom

Thank you. Removing spaces worked

5 - Atom

Finally something worked for me. Thanks!