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Import/input Excel file with date in name, based on selected/chosen date

7 - Meteor

Hi everyone, as a brand new Alteryx user, this is my first ever question in this community.


I have a workflow starting with Input Data that opens a fixed Excel file. But, I would like to have a pop-up calender in which a date can be selected. After this, Alteryx should be able to open the needed Excel file. The date is mentioined in the Excel file name.


All Excel files of different dates are in the same folder, say C:\user\123\


And the Excel file name format is yyyymm_abcd.xlsx:





I've searched too long now for an answer. Hopefully someone has a (simple and short) solution : )


Thanks in advance!

ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

Hi @TomNL,


I think the simplest way to accomplish what you are trying to do would be with a macro....the user would enter a date or choose from a list of file names and then when the workflow is run, that value would 'find and replace' the name of the file in the input tool.


What makes your case a bit more complex would be if the user selects a date it will be in the yyyy-mm-dd format that Alteryx prefers, but your file name is there would be a few steps in between before the find and replace in the input tool..

7 - Meteor

Hi TomNL,


I have attached a sample solution for you.


I have created 3 input files with the names as you specified.

In output folder, see "Input list workflow.yxmd" which has been used to create a list saved in file "Input list.yxdb". The list should contain columns as "Name" and "Value".


Then check the workflow "Final workflow.yxwz". Double clicking this would provide the option to select the file. To open the workflow, right click and select edit. Check the way i have used List tool in tab Interface and also the configuration. 



Let me know in case of any questions.