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How to move data from one row and column, to another

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i would like to ask if there's a tool or a formula to take data from one row and then move it to a different row and column? 

For example, i would like to take the data that's in column B, row 20 and move it to column C row 19.

A                    B                            C

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Any ideas on how to do that are highly appreciated.


Thank you,

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The multi-row formula can do this. Have a look at the example in the tool palette




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Hi @Darko,


Based on a certain condition you can make use of the Multi-row formula to update the rows as per your requirement. You can also select the column that you want to update.


For more details on how to make use of multi-row formula please go through the below link:


Sapna Gupta
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Hi @Darko - here is an example of a formula you can use in the Multi-Row Formula tool suggested by @DavidP that would achieve the desired result for your scenario. If you wanted to remove the value from the original record after transferring it to the new record, you could just use another Multi-Row Formula to clear it out.




Hope that helps! Workflow attached for reference.




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That's really helpful, but i may have explained my problem poorly. I basically need to fill every empty space (there are several) in column C with data from column B +1 row.


So what i'd need is a formula that would work on the whole column C and not just for a certain row (19 in the example). 

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In that case, you can just update the Multi-Row Formula expression to the following (but leaving everything else the same):



if isempty([C]) or isnull([C]) then [Row+1:B] else [C] endif



Let me know if that does the trick for you.