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How to get datas from multiple identical excel files to one output?

6 - Meteoroid

Hello everyone,


I have 75 xls files which are in same format but has different values. I just want to combine files name of these xls file to one output and get spesific colum value of them to another one output?


Is there a easier way to do that? I do not want to create 75 different input tools and perform it.


I do not have a chance to share the data because of confidentiality.


Thanks in advance.



10 - Fireball

Is it a one time thing or will the folder populate with more .xls files over time (and thus needing a dynamic input).


If not. Then you can do it really quickly manually. Just select the files in the folder and drag and drop them in the alteryx canvas. 

As the files are in the same format but different values you can drop an union tool and right click on it and click 'show possible connections'.

This way you can just tick the boxes and not have to draw 75 lines.

6 - Meteoroid

Population (I mean volume of xls files) can be different for the further... So, What about getting name of xls file to one output?

19 - Altair
10 - Fireball

Its hard to show without some mockup .xlsx files in a folder.


1. Use a directory tool and specify the directory .\ and file specification *.xls(x)

2. Use Dynamic Input tool. Field: FullPath, Action: change entire file path.

3. Add browse tool.

4. You might need to add some filter or different tool to filter out duplicate headers if this is applicable.