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How to extract SRC Value from Image Tag

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Is there any way we can extract src attribute value from an Image tag using Alteryx Designer.

Example 1

 <img src="" width="100%" alt="Directional guidance; indicates movement is permitted" title="Directional guidance; indicates movement is permitted" />






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Hello @tjamal1,


The best way to extract a specific string here is by using the RegEx function.

You can specify what you want to extract dynamically with different expressions.


I created two different ways of extract the image tag here depending on the use cases:


1. Extract everything between https and jpg:





-> https means specifically https as a word/letters

-> .* means zero or more characters

-> jpg means specifically jpg as a word/letters

-> () is the group that we want to use the regex for

-> I used $1 as replacement text which means to only keep the things specified inside the parentheses

-> I unchecked "Copy unmatched text to output" to not keep anything else but the matches.


-> Edit: I added the jpeg and png format as well, by changing the Regex to


-> The | sign is an OR-sign and means that it can be one of the three different formats above





2. Extract everything between src=" and " width:




I created a second use case as well for another way to parse this with RegEx


-> Specify to search for src=" inside the text (As this comes up before a image value)

-> (.*): Create a group of everything after this until a specific expression

->"\swidth: Stop the group when " width appears in the expression









Let me know if this helps or if you have any questions:




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Thank you @Elias_Nordlinder that helped,

I have some images which have PNG format and some have JPEG. How to cover all of them?

Also, the Width attribute is not in all images.

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Hello @tjamal1 ,


I have changed the Expression to:


That should take in if the images are jpeg or png as well.

You can add more formats in the same way if you have different image formats later:

Example below:



Let me know if that solved the problem 🙂

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That worked perfectly for me.

Thank you 🙂


Have a good day!

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I am happy to help 🙂

Thank you, have a great day as well!