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How to Parse out Rules per country in large block of text

5 - Atom

I have a cell with a large block of text. Within the text there are countries listed with a semi-colon and then line breaks.  Each line break is a rule associated with the country before it, until a new country is listed.  I'm trying to breakout the information so that the country and all of the associated rules are listed together.


I've tried text to columns for semi-colons and then separately for line breaks but as I lose the country associated with those rules I'm not sure how to combine it back together.




19 - Altair

@seanjbuttigieg One way of doing this

Screenshot 2023-07-11 185326.png

5 - Atom

Thank you, this is so close. I added back in the # in the select tool as it will be used as a identifier to tie back to another form I have.  The part that needs adjustment is Record 20 in the final output, The sentence that starts "Indicate whether you used documentary is in the next cell, A2, this "Country" should show as General as is it the starting general information of the next item on the list.  I think it's showing Brazil as it's taking the value from the prior row.

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took the existing solution and added unique tiles and a formula,


If this works please mark it as a solution,