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Formula (2) Parse Error at char(1): Unknown variable

6 - Meteoroid

Hi All,


I've been consistently getting an error with one of the number columns that I've been using in an extracted file (FX column).


In the sample workflow I've attached, I had trouble applying a formula to that column (tried multiplying it by 1 for ease of explanation).


I've tried using the Autofield tool, Data Cleansing tool, and Select tool (trying applying all the different numerical variable types on it) but it still doesnt seem to work and keeps giving this error. Read up on a number of Community threads but doesnt seem to help with my error. Any ideas please?



Formula (2) Parse Error at char(1): Unknown variable "FX[YDay" (Expression #1)

10 - Fireball

Rename the column (remove the brackets).  I have attached a workflow that works.  All I did was move your select statement to the beginning to remove brackets from the field name.


6 - Meteoroid

That worked thank you!!

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Alteryx uses the bracket characters to identify variables within formulas. When the field name includes these same bracket characters, the formulas get confused.


I suggest replacing the bracket characters. A Dynamic Rename tool with the following formula will replace those brackets with others: