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Following different paths depending on condition being met

7 - Meteor



I'm new to Alteryx and I'm trying to do some data process automation in a workflow. Neither the tutorial, the community or search engine could provide the solution so time to ask in the forum.


In perspective of automating data generation process, I need to test for a condition. Depending on the case, one or other workflow should be executed. Is there a way to do that in Alteryx?


As in my specific example, I have a control file in text format that can contain either an one or a zero (it's being used as a semaphore). I'd like to check this file and if it is an one I'd like to run one workflow, else I'd like to run another (and this other one also has some conditions - like a chained if statement). So far the only solution I found was to use the TEST TOOL to see if the condition is true/false and then use events/Run after with/without errors, to execute one workflow or the other. However, this solution seems bad, not to mention clumsy in the case of many conditions.


What is the correct way to do that in Alteryx?




15 - Aurora