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How to use checkbox to run path in workflow

I am looking to use a checkbox interface tool and based on Y it is checked (with true/false filter), run one path of the workflow and if N, then another pathway is ran. I need to upload this to a public gallery and use of macro with this feature is not possible, so please help with a suggestion that is not a macro.


Reason I need this is because the input file has 2 sections of data (M3 and M4) and based on the checkbox (if M4 check), it will run the M3 path or the M4 path columns.



as an update, I am trying to use the check box/condition with containers to run the different paths when checked/not checked but when I run the WF, I receive the same initial result i.e. same transposed part numbers regardless of if I check the box or not.


There are a couple of things that will help here:

  • The Condition Tool will only have data coming out of one side of it, so it could probably work if both containers started disabled.
  • You can Disable the container with a Formula. IIF([#1]=="TRUE","FALSE","TRUE") and vice versa.


That being said, you may also be able to use Detour Tools and trigger the direction by the checkbox.




I am opening this question again as I am not able to find a working solution. I have 3 workflows which I would like to run based on user choice (user can check 1, 2 or all 3 of them). All 3 workflows use a file as input (for which the user should browse). I have tried the following:

- starting with all containers disabled (each workflow is in one container)

- putting conditions on each checkbox - if false (not selected) then disable container

- putting function IIF([#1]=="TRUE","FALSE","TRUE") on each condition


No matter the above, I always get the error that a file has to be selected for each workflow. Input file tool is outside the containers and I have linked the action tool (Enable disable container based on condition) to the containers.


Please help...



Hey @mihaela,


If you have the File Browse, then it needs to be used. I would probably need to see what you are actually trying to offer succinct advice on the best avenue to take.


Hi KaneG



Are the Output Tools in the containers? Have you got a screenshot of the entire workflow?


Hi Kane,


I have the Output Tools inside the containers. I have attached a screen shot of one of the containers, the other two are similar. 


I would have to guess that the Containers are not disabling correctly. try using the Debug in Interface designer in order to view them as workflows after configuring the interface and see if that shows what the issue is.