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How to use checkbox to run path in workflow

I am looking to use a checkbox interface tool and based on Y it is checked (with true/false filter), run one path of the workflow and if N, then another pathway is ran. I need to upload this to a public gallery and use of macro with this feature is not possible, so please help with a suggestion that is not a macro.


Reason I need this is because the input file has 2 sections of data (M3 and M4) and based on the checkbox (if M4 check), it will run the M3 path or the M4 path columns.



as an update, I am trying to use the check box/condition with containers to run the different paths when checked/not checked but when I run the WF, I receive the same initial result i.e. same transposed part numbers regardless of if I check the box or not.


There are a couple of things that will help here:

  • The Condition Tool will only have data coming out of one side of it, so it could probably work if both containers started disabled.
  • You can Disable the container with a Formula. IIF([#1]=="TRUE","FALSE","TRUE") and vice versa.


That being said, you may also be able to use Detour Tools and trigger the direction by the checkbox.