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Filter tool not showing annotation despite changing settings

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Since downloading the most recent version of Alteryx, my filter tools will not show any annotation when using the 'Basic filter' - but they do when I use 'Custom filter'.


I've ensured that annotations are set to 'Always' both within the tool and in the canvas settings. I'm now running out of ideas of how to get them to show except having to recreate them all within the 'Custom filter'.


Furthermore to add to this frustration, a new 'feature' appears to be that when I set a 'Basic filter' and then select 'Custom filter', the logic is removed and I have to re-enter it. Again prior to the update the logic in the 'Basic filter' would be copied into the 'Custom filter'.


Any thoughts, suggestion would be great!



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Hi Danny,


Did you try to change it from "Always" to "Using Canvas Settings"? If yes, I hate to ask, did you try reinstalling Alteryx on your system?


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I've not yet had a chance to reinstall so will give that a go - I just hoped that it was some (not very good) update that could be easily switched off. Will come back to the thread after I've done that to let you know how it goes!


And yes, tried 'Using Canvas Settings' :(



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Annoyingly it was as simple as reinstalling it but it still seems bizarre that it was the only thing not quite working correctly. Thanks @phoenix64!