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Filter output of Dynamic Input query with Listbox values

7 - Meteor

How can I filter the output value of a query using the value/s selected from a listbox? One or more value is selectable from the listbox. The field to be filtered is in the output of the query, for example Field1. For example: I have 3 values in Listbox - Value1, Value2, Value3. If value1 and value3 selected, then Filter tool should be Field1 IN ('Value1', 'Value3') and should return the records from the output.


16 - Nebula

Hi @bobbybalan ,


To feed all values in your listbox interface tool, you should use a summarize tool and a cross-tab tool to bring the data in the following format (assuming you only have values from a-d in Field 1)





Your column headers will serve as the values that the user sees in the app interface, whilst the records in the cells will be the actual values that will be fed in your app, once that particular value is selected.




Hope that helps,




7 - Meteor

Thank you for responding. I was able to fix the issue. The only difference was that I had single quotes in the listbox. replacing with double quotes worked smoothly without issues in the first attempt itself.