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File has a different schema than the 1st file in the set.

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I am looking at the the dataset in question.  My question what "things" would cause a SCHEMA difference?  I checked the headers from file to file and they are identical.  



Error - When I used a DYNAMIC INPUT tool

Error: Dynamic Input (7): The file "C:\Users\matthew.braun\OneDrive -\Tech - Alteryx\Clients\Vimeo\Data\Arizona VOD Tax Calc (May'22).xlsx|||Arizona" has a different schema than the 1st file in the set.


Error - When I did it through a BATCH Macro


Error: VIMEO (11): Record #2: Tool #2: The field schema for the output "Output2" changed between iterations.



I know I have had this error in the past and of course never wrote the real reason down. Thanks in advanced community.




14 - Magnetar
14 - Magnetar

Hi @MatthewBr,


it could be also linked to data types, for instance having a date stored as text or anything like that

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14 - Magnetar

If you want to do a quick check, you could use the field info on your different files/tabs and then compare the results.

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@Ladarthure  - Is there a suggested way to mitigate that issue? 

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@Ladarthure  - Figured out the problem.  There is a field on the first file that has NULLS in every row and it's interpreting the data to be a DOUBLE.   On the second file there is data in the field and it's really a DATETIME field. Hence the issue at hand.

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what "things" would cause a SCHEMA difference:    Field names, data types, sizes


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