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Extracting multiple tables from Salesforce

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I've successfully extracted one table of data from Salesforce using the Salesforce Input tool. However, my goal is more complex and I haven't found anything similar in any other posts.

I would like to pull a bunch of Salesforce tables into a SQL database on a regular basis. So, that means changing the table name dynamically - but not manually - in the input tool.

My guess is that this is a macro that uses a parameter. But I can't figure out how to feed a bunch of different table names into the parameter tool and get it to repeate the same steps for each table in my list. I'm guessing the macro has to use the 'select all' option since the tables keep changing each time.


In addition, if I could pull the table names from Salesforce as metadata first, that would be great, but I haven't seen that explained anywhere.


All help and suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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Can confirm this as well in 2021.4. Both the v4.0.0 and v4.2.4 SFDC Input versions do NOT work. previously, you could update the Table and the WHERE clause dynamically. The trick is replacing the part of the text string found in the 'query - value=*SELECT' lineitem within the Action tool. this builds out the SOQL query and you can review the whole string (assuming the table isn't 100s of fields). so replacing the FROM and WHERE clauses using 'Replace a specific string' within the Action config works.

there is acritical  limitation though. these Input connectors don't allow you to use the asterisk (*) to select all columns in the table. so unless I can dynamically build out the full query, it throws a 400: Bad Request error since the fields in the default table are not identical to each of the other tables getting processed. same issue using a Custom Query. Would be great if the asterisk was usable.


best trick I've come up with is to use Field Info tool after the Input tool and then use a Summary tool to concatenate every field name in the table. of course, I can't do it dynamically so it's not really a solution.






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Follow up:

v3.1 seems to still work. just be sure to leave all fields de-selected when you configure the Input tool within a macro. apparently that tells it to dynamically cycle through Field Names as the tables are opened within the Input tool itself. biggest issue is v3.1 is now deprecated in 2022.1 Designer which I'm sure is related to Salesforce retiring older API versions.