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Excel: Show records only if the values are different from zero

10 - Fireball

 Hello to everyone.


I have a dataset with 4 variables and the rest are months from March 2021  to June 2022, the workflow that I just add does 3 main things.

1)Get rid of duplicate and sum their values by month.

2)Arrange Month in not alphabetical order after the Sum.

3) Show information “until” the previous month (May if we are in June, until July if we are in June and so on)


But now I find the scenario in with I have records with 0 in all the months. Those records should not appear, only IF the next month I have something different from cero is where said record must be shown.




Example 2 (considering June as the previous Month, this is dynamyc so there's always going to be a next month)





So again, if there´s a record with all month with zero value should no appear, but if in the future months it has a different value  it must be shown.


Thank you.

17 - Castor

How does this look @neromerob? All I've done is transpose the data and then sum all of the month values. If the sum is larger than 0, this means there's a value somewhere (i.e. not all zeros and/or a value in the future) and so these records are kept when I rejoin and apply that filter:




10 - Fireball

Apparently it works, thank you very much