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Error : Publish to tableau server - select an existing project

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I'm having an issue with the Publish to Tableau server tool version 2.0.0 (using Alteryx 2018.2 and Tableau server 2018.1)


I've installed it from the official gallery. I've signed in to the Tableau server without problem, then went to the "Configure Data Source" part. I can see the projects, I can enter a data source name, choose the output options and data source format . everything is fine. When I validate, I get an error message "Select an existing project".


Of course the workflow won't run.. but I can't access the configuration anymore. There is a  spinning circle that never stops and the configuration panel is not accessible. All I can do is deleting the object from the workflow.


I've installed previous versions of the tool. So just after dropping it on my canvas, I can right click and select the version (1.09.2 or 1.08.1). Both versions work and allow me to publish to the server, in .tde or .hyper, which is what I want...


Maybe a next version will solve this issue, but if there is a solution to it, I would be interested in knowing it.


thank you

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Yes. Last I knew, Internet Explorer didn’t recognize .yxi files and so didn’t save them with the correct extension so you’d have to manually change the extension on the downloaded file to .yxi. Otherwise, double-clicking the .yxi file should launch the Alteryx process that imports the tools.
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@Julien_B  Yup! For some reason, clicking on the .yxi file resulted in a new Alteryx window opening that wasn't running as an admin. 

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I was having the same error 'select an existing project' on our multi node Tableau Server cluster but it was working fine on our single node Tableau Server. I followed the steps above and the error became:

"Tableau Server API Request (Publish file) Error Code 400011: Bad Request -- There was a problem publishing the file"


This error also exists on the multi node cluster but works fine on the single node.

Tableau Cluster is on version 2019.2

Tableau Single Node is on version 2020.1


Anyone have any thoughts?

Cheers Rob

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Hello Everyone,


I am facing exact same issue with 'Publish to Tableau Server' tool.
"Select an existing project."

Please find below details and let me know if there is a working solution.


Alteryx Server Version: 2021.1.4.26400
Publish to Tableau Server Version: 2.0