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Error Installing TIM Forecasting Module TIMForecasting-1.1.0

7 - Meteor

Hello Dear Community,


I am facing some difficulties while trying to install the TIM Forecasting Add-On Module in Alteryx Designer.

I own a Desktop single owner's Alteryx Designer licence and recently updated to Version 2020.1, including the related R-Clients. Nontheless, the TIM Tool will not install and i cant figure out why. I get the error message attached herewith midway through the installation, seemingly it the installer can't locate a certain R-Compiler or something similar

Please has anyone had a similar experience with already? Is the TIM-Forecasting Tool only designed for the Server-Version of Alteryx Designer?


Thanks ahead for Feedbacks,



Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @Desa19,


Thank you for posting your message.


Could you please try the following?


  1. Create File pip.ini (case is important) under %APPDATA%\pip (example C:\Users\my_account\AppData\Roaming\pip where my_account is the Windows login).
    You may need to create pip folder if it doesn't already exist.

  2. Open pip.ini with an editor (notepad, etc.) and add the following content (with same indentation😞
trusted-host =

 3. Reinstall YXI again

7 - Meteor

Hello PauIN,


you nailed it right! your hint just blew my worries away. I created and the "pip.ini" file and the rest was child's play


Thanks a lot!


Best Regards