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Dynamic width of Columns in Render Tool

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I am facing an issue with the render tool with sizing, even if I set the columns width of particular size in the table tool before, it still takes the output as the width of the render tool. I cannot set the width as constant as the user inputs(month range) can range from few to months to few years. I have seen other threads on the same topic but could not find a possible solution, 


Please advise.

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I suggest using the "Automatic" option for width so it will automatically resize as the data changes.


Are you able to upload a sample of your data and/or workflow? This will help us better understand the issue you're running into.




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Thank you for providing your inputs, however I have already tried doing that automatic width option in the Basic Table, the issue  I suspect lies within the render tool, as the final output excel file is taking the the entire width of  the table from there. 


My data ranges from for eg: In one of the inputs, from Apr-20 to Aug 20, while in some other case it can be from Apr-15 to Aug 20 , in such scenarios the static configurations under the Paper Size of the Report Style (Render Tool)  does not give me the flexibility and the column widths automatically resize  to the paper size depending on the number of columns.

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So far, I dont see a solution for this. Maybe we can try sending an email to the development team as an enhancement idea.