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Dynamic Input Tool Error when no file available

7 - Meteor

Hi! I am having a problem with the dynamic input tool preventing me from sending email outputs due to errors.


My workflow has two components, one that it will always generate(I'll call this summary), and one that is not always generated (I'll call this changelog). Both of these are pulled using a macro, with the summary data being brought directly into my flow, and the changlog being a seperate fille (that is created each time the flow is run) that I have to bring back in with a dynamic input tool. My output is mostly based on the summary data, with a few parts from the changelog. 


In the case that the changelog is not available, I still want to output the summary data to an email. However, because in this scenario the changelog could not be generated and does not exist, the dynamic input tool creates an error message. This error prevents my email output tool from sending an email from the flow. 


Is there any way to ignore the error and still send out emails using the output email tool? Alternatively, is there any way to input a dummy file instead of the changelog in the case where a changelog could not be generated so that the dynamic input tool does not return errors?


Please let me know if there needs to be any clarification, I tried to simplify the process for understanding, so I might have left out some parts that would help. 

8 - Asteroid

There is a formula you can apply to "swap" for a dummy file. The formula would be something like:

IF FilePathExists([FullPath])

THEN [FullPath]

ELSE 'dummy.csv'




7 - Meteor

Thank you Dylan! I will test this out and see how it goes.

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

The function "FileExists(' could also be used in a Filter tool so that no record is passed if the file does not exists so the Dynamic Input never runs (or errors). This would eliminate the need for a dummy file. 

7 - Meteor

Thank you! I will try this as well.