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Documentation on how To have other applications Call Apps on a Server / Gallery

11 - Bolide

Hello everyone. It is my understanding that Alteryx has an API interface that other tools can use to call a workflow and return results back, however I am struggling to find documentation on this.


I basically has an analytic app that accepts a string loannumber (text box) as an input and returns a database query back... I would like another application to be able to call this analytic app on our gallery, and to get the results back (through any method).


I have tried playing with the following website....


however I honestly can't understand what do fill in here.   I'm pretty confident I know the shared key + API KEy however I don't know how to find things like...


#1) Apps id? what is this, where can I find it?

#2) how to get data to the application if it is an analytic app and there is user-interface.

#3) what method the results get returned in, etc..



I have a list of probably 20-30 other questions, but was hoping that there is some kind of guide somewhere that will walk through this information! 


Thanks everyone.

15 - Aurora

You could check in your Alteryx install "APIs" subfolder to see if any of the documentation may be what you're after. On my machine, this is here: C:\Program Files\Alteryx\APIs

(Edit... inapplicable - see Rod's followup comment).

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

FYI...the APIs referenced in the ProgramFiles folder are related to the "Engine API" which is totally different than the API used for the Gallery.


I believe the link ( @bsharbo mentions is the only place where "documentation" is. 

It is intended to be "interactive", but to get that access you need to put in the Key and Secret for that specific gallery. Once that is entered, then the various ways to Get and Post are available.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

I agree with @RodL that I don't believe there is any guide to working with the gallery API beyond the page you've already found. So let's tackle your questions here:

#1) Apps id? what is this, where can I find it?

Making a GET request to the "/v1/workflows/subscription/" endpoint will return a list of all available workflows, including each appId that you can use for subsequent calls to different endpoints.

#2) how to get data to the application if it is an analytic app and there is user-interface.

When you POST to the "/v1/workflows/{appId}/jobs/" endpoint to execute a workflow, the body of your request should contain the answers the app questions in JSON format. You can get the questions for a given app with the "/v1/workflows/{appId}/questions/" endpoint.

#3) what method the results get returned in, etc..

Once a job has been executed and finished, you can use the "/v1/jobs/{jobId}/output/{outputId}/" endpoint to download the results. You can specify what format you want the results in.


I think browsing through the sample client code provided on the page will make things clearer for you (C# or Javascript), but feel free to post additional questions here as they arise.