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Designer bug? macro mappings

9 - Comet

Hello experts

My macro looses input mappings to fields and it's not a first such case. Common all these events is that flow has many macros.

Mapping becomes invalid, for example, after minimizing a container or just  moving some tool.

I see a field and a value in the macro input, but it is missing from the dropdown list in the macro. When I run flow several times, the mapping returns by itself (same name in input and in macro), and then it gets lost after a few runs.

It drives me crazy and I give up macros, although that's the best solution.

Have you noticed such a problem? If so, how do you deal with it?


Here you can see macro input with field "Schamat" but it is not available in questions.





9 - Comet

Few more informations:

- When I disabled "Show Field map" in macro input, error pops up from time to time, but every flow run finishes with succesfull. Error then disapears and shows again after some changes in flow

- it looks like this problem occurs only when data is inputed by macro. When I swapped macro with an elementar input, everything is working ok.

13 - Pulsar
13 - Pulsar

Hi @Drussek,


This problem involves the metadata refresh. The configurations (like the field mappings) will stay in the tools unless you click on them. Then the configurations erase. It all depends on the metadata available. If the correct fields aren't in the metadata (because of Crosstab, for example), they won't show up.


I have a few macros that I avoid clicking on until immediately after running, for this very reason. If you don't click on the tool, it will keep its original configuration.


One workaround is to use the CReW Ensure Fields tool right before the tool, or a text input + union, to ensure that whatever field you need (like Schemat) is in the metadata.


You can probably also disable the metadata refresh in user settings and that will change the behavior. Not sure if it would fix the problem or make it worse though haha.


If this is helpful, please consider marking it as a solution so others may find it. Thanks!

9 - Comet

Thank you @clmc9601 Now I'm sure I'm not the only one 🙂

Your workarounds are working. It's a pity that Designer behaves in a such way. For me it's a bug but propably support claims it's not a bug like in some other cases.


7 - Meteor

I agree that this is a bug or at least problematic, as macros losing their mappings can cause runs to fail