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Data for XmR / SPC / control charts

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XmR / SPC / control charts are a popular format to track data and detect abnormal variations - spikes and trends. Most online examples refer either to dedicated software or Excel templates (e.g. http://www.spcforexcel.com/knowledge/control-chart-basics/purpose-control-charts).

This is something Tableau should be able to do - and it's possible but it's very manual and not flexible enough (http://www.tableau.com/public/blog/2013/11/control-charts-2236).

I'm looking for examples of automated data preparation for production of XmR charts so that it can be done quickly for a large number of KPIs. Is this something Alteryx could do / has done?

10 - Fireball
10 - Fireball

Hi Kelly, 


Thanks so much for your response. I'm looking to create examples of how to create P charts and other control charts in Alteryx. Your workflow is something that I can study and come up with some use cases. This is super.


Thank you for your kind words on my AMP presentation. It was really a joy to do it. If you ever need anything, just let me know. 🙂 


Take care,