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Created a Macro but in need those input in the Alteryx App interface.

7 - Meteor



I created a Alteryx Macro and you can see the dropdown list in the macro (screenshot below)


But my requirement is to convert this to Alteryx App, Can someone help me.


I tried to change the settings from Macro to Analytic App but showing no configuration.



I think we need to point a Action tool and point some drop down tool for the macro, But still showing some error.


Attached the workflow and macro for the same.


ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

with macros that use data from a stream, you'll need to feed the macro the same way when in the app. There are two ways to do this with the app:

1) add a question that uses a file input question or

2) pass through a single record using a text input tool and multiple text input or dropdown questions to update the values.


For this macro, it looks like you are wanting to input multiple records, so you'll want to go with route #1. 





#2 looks a little different: 




also, i'm not sure why there is an action in the macro, so it looks like you can remove it. 



7 - Meteor

The input i get will be having different column headers, SO thats why i created a workflow and need to map accordingly. 


Input file (the column header names may vary based on client)



Workflow and Mapping done in the workflow







I need the drop down list to come on the Alteryx App.and map the fields in App interface.


You need to use an file browse tool from the interface tool pallet with the "Generate Field Map for Input Tool" option.  Connect to an input tool with a  template data set which has a ideal field name information with an Action tool. You can select a file with mapping fields with the fields in the template. Attaching a sample workflow and a template.




Shingo Sakai

Sales Engineer
Alteryx, Inc.

ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

hey @Rihan_Mohamed , sorry for the confusion. @Shingo 's explanation would change my workflow into the field map you are looking for. I don't think i had the box checked, but if you make that one change, it should get you what you need. To that point, if your purpose of the macro was to rename/align the fields, you shouldn't need that anymore since that work is being done in the app through the mapping option.