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Converting a Workflow to SQL

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Alteryx has been a great tool for someone who doesn't have a lot of SQL practice.  I can use a simple query to get the raw data then start to transform it.


However, not all of my projects at work have room for an Alteryx step in them. I'm looking to convert or see the script my workflow is running to something resembling SQL.  This would be a huge help when trying to write the SQL I'll eventually have to use on certain projects.


I understand it wouldn't be 1:1. I couldn't just plug & play but it would be a great resource.


Is there a way to export or view the underlying procedures a Workflow is running?

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team



I am not aware that a process like that would work. The Alteryx workflows and processes can only be run in Alteryx. This post only refers to building queries using Alteryx. Can I ask why you are attempting to run your Alteryx processes in other tools like Visual Query and not just run in Alteryx?

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I'm doing some tests with Visual Studio and Alteryx, that's why I'm doing this kind of thing. I will continue looking for the dll because yesterday I read it in an article but I lost the link.

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Hi MattD, 


I'm new to Alteryx and am not familiar with the In-Database tools. I'm nervous that this could alter data in the actual SQL database, is that possible? Or does it simply pull the data from the database and analyze it? 



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Hey Matt D

Is there another tool or macro for this type of conversion from Dynamic Output In-DB to SQL?


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Apart from the IN-DB tools, it's not really in Alteryx business model to ease your way out of Alteryx. The same would apply to R or any other integration. We let you use what you have, bring it in, but the other way round, well, you would not need Alteryx anymore.

And It's fine. That's how business works.


There is a resource however which you can use the other way around:

When Alteryx is marketing to developers, it shows that it is easier to use an Alteryx tool rather than a complex SQL query or T-SQL statement.

You just need to read it the otherway around. Check which tool you use, and what it is SQL equivalent to rebuild. That's also a good SQL training :)


Hope this helps.

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You do not need an in-db tool to do this. Simply select the output tool - then use SQL Server as your database, select your server, schema and press ok - then type a name for the permanent table you want to save to.