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Conditional Multi-Row

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Hi All,


Still trying to get a handle on the multi-row formula. I've got a dataframe where I have a column labeling whether there was a second client interaction within one day. I simply am now trying to return the first customer contact ID when a second contact was made. This means that, in the attached WF, I want to group on the name and return the last row's ID sequence whenever a value of 'yes' appears in the Second column. I'm having a bit of trouble with the syntax though. Any help would be greatly appreciated?



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Hi LSB123,


I think I understand what you're trying to do, but I'm not entirely certain.  In your example would Andrew Jones have no results because he doesn't have any 'Yes' in the [Second] column?


See the attached workflow.  I didn't use the multi-row function.  Instead I filtered for the encounters that had a 'Yes' then used a Summarized tool to get to the earliest date, then joined it back to the original data.


Let me know if this wasn't what you were looking for.  There might be a way to do this with a multi-row filter, but this just seemed easier.



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Hi khalbert,


Yes, exactly. This is certainly helpful! Unfortunately, filtering doesn't exactly work as if there is a meeting followed by a meeting the next day followed by a meeting the next day the second makes the third a repeat as well, as is the case with John Smith.


Here's how I ended up solving it. I added a multi row formula grouped on the name to take the ID - 1. I added no condition and didn't filter before hand. That basically added a column for the row prior's ID. Then I filered to only have the second interaction equal yes.


Thanks again!!!