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Change alle input file names at once

7 - Meteor



If I have 2 or more txt input files, all starting with format yyyy-mm (and than the rest of the name, which are all different). Can I change the yyyy-mm for all input files with a single input? How should I create this? This should de done in my .yxmc environment and not in the Analytical App.



Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Can you explain your use case in a little more detail? You said you don't want this to be an analytic app. Does that mean your workflow will determine the file names you need? If so, then you can put the new file name in a column and use either a dynamic input tool or a macro to read the file. If you want to use a macro, set up a text tool in the macro connected to an Input tool. It could look something like this:


You set up the input tool with a dummy file and the Action tool to update the File-value parameter. You also might want to change the output mode of the macro in Interface Designer to "Auto Configure by Name" in case your input files don't all have matching columns and data types.